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When change does not wait, Let us be change

By  Marilaura Castillo Pedrosa – 2021

The greatest example was the pandemic, both in organizations and in our lives, we were forced to modify our way of working, processes and policies, breaking paradigms such as that it is not possible to work from home, I have to see with my own eyes My collaborator to be productive, we were challenged in our communication using all possible means to dialogue and inform, we managed to have productive meetings without being physically, among a thousand other things, my question to the adaptations were: was it by choice or by necessity ? Change does not wait, we must be more open to transform ourselves to the needs of our collaborators, of the environment, of life and this will allow us not only to make change, but to be change from the depths of our interior.


I love being part of the change that life presented us, reaching in the most creative and innovative way, managing to impact everything that surrounds us, that is what I call we are change, we do not limit ourselves to a specific challenge or goal, we achieve through a natural capacity, renew or die.


Surely you have many experiences, anecdotes and stories from this season that shook the whole world, but I am sure that like me you keep changing to achieve victory and reinvent yourself.



Marilaura Castillo Pedrosa - Mexico


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