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About ICCN

about ICCN

International Coaching & Consulting Network is the first global partnership that connects people and organizations linked to human and organizational development.


We create and empower synergies , promoting competitiveness , professionalism and excellence in the practice of Coaching , Consulting and Training.


We are convinced that through each person can generate a conscious , humane and prosperous society is to face successfully its current and future challenges.



Contribute to the Personal Development and improve the society through its individual members by promoting excellence and professionalization of the Coaching, Consulting, and Training practices.



Act selflessly and with full convincement towards a goal.


Gain credibility and give others certainty of our actions and results. 


Maintain a spotless behavior regarding what we say and do in all our relations, both personal and professional. 


Respond for our own actions with commitment and always attempting to achieve positive consequences for others. 


What makes a good Coach?
  • Empathy and communication

  • Facing the other

  • Building trust

  • Listen multidimensional

What makes a good Consultant ?
  • Effective communication

  • Customer orientation

  • Orientation to results

  • Project management

  • Generating solutions

What makes a good Trainer ?
  • Clear communication

  • Facing the other

  • Orientation to results

  • Adaptability

What Makes Us Different?

what makes us different?
Integration of Complementary Practices

Our holistic approach towards Personal and Organizational Development potentiates the results that the Coaching, Consulting, and Training practices, can bring to its users.

Being conscious of the differences among each practice highlights their own strengths and specialized focus. Thus, we seek to constantly create a harmonic integration among them and maximizing their value for all users.

Global Scope


There are several specialized associations which target a specific discipline or region. The ICCN is the first association of its kind. We integrate the practices of Coaching, Consulting, and Training in order to create a harmonic synergy that will strengthen the development of organizations and their people all over the world.



Through our Book of Regional Professionals and our Specialists Catalogue it is very easy to find specific solutions to your needs in Organizational and Personal Development. In addition, the ICCN. Quality Guarantee is the most practical reference for persons or organizations searching for trustworthy services, as well as for the professionals seeking for endorsement. AM5201EX00250



The ICCN is the best link to unite independent professionals, individuals, companies in the industry, and other organizations. All our affiliates have the opportunity to engage in projects, research and international initiatives, as well as to interact with other members of their specialty and of other complementary practices.

We promote the creation of international synergies in order to fuel the growth of all Personal and Organizational Development practices, as well as create a better culture and consciousness around the practices of Coaching, Training and Consultancy. 



The ICCN is a hub that connects knowledge and the best international practices with their day to day application thanks to the participation of our Affiliates, Specialists and Researchers. We envision to make available for everyone in the global community, relevant information that will help create a culture of Personal and Organizational Development by professionalizing the practices of Coaching, Training, and Consultancy. 

What We Offer to Our Associates

what we offer to our associates
Promote a Culture of 
Coaching and

We seek to strengthen the professional image of Coaches, Consultants and Facilitators of Personal and Organizational Development processes. In order to achieve this, we promote the divulgation of proven methodologies, the training and updating of professionals, the exposition of success cases, and the creation of collaboration programs among our associates, firms, organizations, and the public sector.

Professionalize Your Practice

Having the support of a professional community specialized in different practices of the Human Development at the workplace will allow you to gain credibility and stay sharp in the best international practices. Moreover, you will be able to associate to the ICCN as a Coach, Consultant, or Facilitator without needing to take one of our certification programs, as long as you cover the requisites of the membership you pursue. 

International Programs of Professional Development

Through our international certifications, specialized accreditations, and programs of continuing education targeted to Coaches, Consultants and Facilitators, we seek to professionalize and raise the quality level of the industry. One of our main goals is strengthening the competencies and excellence of our associates. 

International Synergies

We facilitate the creation of professional synergies among people of different countries, offering  an space of communication and debate. Beyond the interchange of experiences and services, the ICCN is an active community of continuous growth and development. We promote the exchange of ideas in order to strengthen the competitively, international participation, and the development of our affiliates. 

Research and Best Practices

We create knowledge through investigation and application of the best practices of the industry, thus creating a platform for continuous innovation. In this way, we rest assure of offering avant garde materials and experiences that enrich the professional development of our associates and others thanks to our publications, programs and certifications.

Professional Networking
A Window of Opportunities
Accreditation of Associates’ Programs

You may be part of the work of various committees that analyze and exchange information from different perspectives and be a part of the strategic improvement of Coaching, Consulting and Training practices. You will have the chance to participate in the development of best practices and its divulgation through guides, articles and recommendations. This is how we can jointly contribute to the creation of knowledge and the continuous improvement of the industry. 

We potentiate the services of Coaching, Consultancy and Training in order to promote business opportunities for our associates. Making our associates more competitive and creating new 

Our associates may submit their own Training and development programs to the quality standards of the ICCN in order to obtain the backing of the ICCN’s Quality Guarantee and enhance its credibility. This accreditation will allow you to increase your program’s prestige and offer your services internationally. 

Why partner to the ICCN ?

quality assurance ICCN

Belong to an international association that seeks excellence of the human development sector through professionalizing practices Coaching , Consulting and Training .


Gain credibility and positioning at local, national and international level with the support of the Quality Assurance ICCN .


Be supported and accreditation of ICCN for their own development programs and training that have fulfilled the quality standards ICCN .


Having the opportunity to become an ambassador of the ICCN in your locality or region and lead the relationship with academic , business institutions and other bodies.


Access certification programs and continuing education discount certificates, diplomas , courses, workshops , seminars and other events, and face away from the ICCN and our international partners.



Participate in all events and forums scheduled throughout the year with other members and guest companies .



Help position and dignity of human development practices and participate with other partners working committees that analyze the strategic development of the sector .



Publish articles, works and collaborations in the institutional means of ICCN , with an international presence .



Cultivate your professional reputation and expand its network of contacts through the publication of his background and experience in our inventory specialists to multiply their business opportunities.



Appear as professional endorsed by the Quality Assurance ICCN in our specialized Coaching , Consulting and Professional Training Regional Directory ( online and physical) . The physical directory is given annually to a distinguished list of companies from different sectors and sizes in your region so .



Advantage of free access to the wealth of research and best practices ICCN .


Quality Assurance ICCN



Quality Assurance is our hallmark ICCN . It refers to a high level of professionalism, commitment , service and delivery of whom hold , whether individuals or programs.


Our associated professionals, specialists and experts are evaluated with the highest quality standards and undergo a rigorous evaluation process to be included in our Regional Board of Professional and Inventory Specialists . It is these professionals who support the Quality Assurance ICCN and give prestige to our association.


In addition , development programs or training professionals nominated by our partners , specialists and experts or strategic alliances undergo rigorous study and analysis in their agendas, methodologies and teaching techniques . Only in this way they can be supported by our hallmark.


Quality Assurance ICCN supports :


• Coaches Certificates
• Professional Consultants
• Facilitators Experts
• Training Programs Proven


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