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4 Countries with high levels recruitment of Executive Coaching

Latin America is a relatively homogeneous in terms of business management practices refers. The use of executive coaching has expanded substantially in our region companies seeking to increase their productivity, trying to improve in areas that are not easy to perceive from the internal perspective. It is for this reason that the recruitment of executive coaching services has increased in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, 4 countries whose economies have been growing. Business tax optimization gear through the review of aspects such as:

• Clear identification of goals

• Leadership skills

• Increased team commitment

• Blind spots or areas that are not being taken into consideration

• Competitive advantages

• Identification of weaknesses.

In this sense, we will explore the 4 previously mentioned countries with the highest levels recruitment of executive coaching in Latin America.


The country with the highest figures in hiring executive coaching tool is south of the continent. Chile boasts a number greater than 95% companies employing the contribution of coaching to integrate the area of human resources of their companies in order to achieve a successful organizational context.

The figure of the coach in Chile has great impact not only at the enterprise level but in other areas such as sports or politics, where even the president Michell Bachelett has used the guidelines of a coach. Moreover, coaching certifications executive in Chile exceed 3000 people.


Mexico also is within the Latin American countries with greater use of executive coaching. According to a study by the business school of the University Panamericana, more than 80% of Mexican firms have been involved to a greater or lesser scale with the tool. So great percentage has made possible the proliferation of a wide range of schools that certify their students to exercise functions coach

executive in Mexico.


With around 80%, also Argentine companies are located in the top positions in recruitment statistics executive coaching. The influence of large companies like Facebook and Google that for years have begun to settle in Argentina, changes in the market and successful global business management practices, have allowed the executive coaching is considered as a necessary tool within Argentine companies.


The carioca country counts, like Argentina, with around 86% of companies that make up within their organizational structures executive coaching. The modernization of organizational context of Brazilian companies adapts very quickly to boom digital tools, online mentoring and coaching. For this reason, Brazil continues to rank among the countries where the business movement is a reference forefront of management is concerned.

Although executive coaching is still in its early stages in the Latin American business market, the effective tool implementation and results palpable, is a verifiable fact in the countries mentioned here. The trend of use executive coaching continues to expand rapidly to other countries in our region, correction of deviations in business performance and development of specific capabilities, are irrefutable evidence of its importance.

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